You Mini Guide to Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Jackson Hole is considered as a little playground in the Tetons.  It boasts lush greeneries during the summer but it becomes a snow heaven during the winter. Regardless of the season, Jackson Hole is always a beautiful place to visit. Planning to visit Jackson Hole? Get acquainted. Here is a mini-guide that you can use when travelling to Jackson Hole.

Getting to Jackson Hole

The Jackson Hole Airport is open to a lot of flights including Seattle, Los Angeles, Chicago, Dallas, and Atlanta. If you fly around March, you will experience being met by Howdy Pardners in the baggage claim area who are normally dressed like cowboys and cowgirls. What is even more amazing is that the airport itself is already a tourist attraction being built by timber and stone structures. From the Jackson Hole airport you can rent a car or ride a taxi to go to your destination. If you booked a hotel, you can arrange for transportation to take you to your accommodation.

Winter Adventures

Jackson Hole offers a lot of activities you can enjoy even if you are coming during the winter. The best activity that Jackson Hole can offer during winter is skiing. Thanks to the abundance of snow during the winter, they can create beautiful terrains for avid skiers to enjoy. Non-skiers can also enjoy great activities such as joining a national park and wildlife tour. This will give you a chance to see some of the popular animals in Jackson Hole like the elk, moose, bald eagles and more. You can also enjoy a sleigh ride or snowmobile ride.  Riding on a snowmobile can take you to the most wonderful places in Jackson Hole like a tour to the Yellowstone National Park or visit landmarks like Old Faithful or the Granite Hot Springs.

Summer Adventures

Have you booked a flight to Jackson Hole for the summer? No problem. Jackson Hole is a great summer destination especially for families who are bringing their kids along.  The Grand Teton Park, for example is something you would want to go to if you want to experience the popular white water rafting. Or you can head to Grand Teton National Park Wildlife to spot some wild animals. The parks also offer hiking trails that are safe for the family. If you are the type of an adventurous family, you can go for a hike while enjoying nature’s view.

Jackson Hole is definitely one of the most beautiful countries in the United States. It is a small town but an incredible sight to see. Enjoy your vacation and make the most of your experience using this guide.

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