Top Reasons to Visit French Riviera

Come on, do we really need to tell you why you should visit French Riviera? A lot of people come here year after year to witness and experience tons of memorable activities. But if you are one of those people who need a reason before booking – you probably have a lot of places to visit on your bucket list – then here are some reasons why you should visit French Riviera?

Refreshing beaches

The beaches in French Riviera have so much sex appeals that you will end up falling in love with them the longer you stay. Talk about the Tahiti Beach in St. Tropez or Plage de la Salis in Cap d’Antibes. You can enjoy a great beach escapade with your family or friends here at French Riviera.

Rich history

Even if you are not a history lover, French Riviera will make you fall in love with its rich history and culture. You can visit some popular neighborhoods in the country and talk to some locals. Learn about the century old buildings and story behind them. In fact, French Riviera has been home to Greeks, Romans, Vandals, Goths and Lombards. There remnants and footprints are visible in this country through architecture, influences, and language.

Great hotels and amazing hotel accommodation

In every tour or travel, hotel accommodation is always something we all need to give importance to. Thanks to the amazing array of hotels in French Riviera, you can freely choose the type of accommodation you want. A favorite hotel for most travelers is Hotel Negresco in Nice. Another famous hotel is Belle Reve which is located in Juan-les-Pins.

Great dining

French Riviera is home to popular restaurants which have gained world-wide recognitions. You can go to Ducasse’s Le Louis XV in Monte Carlo which offers mouth watering cuisines. Their menu is almost as delicious as Chateau de la Chevre d’Or’s in Eze but is cheaper compared to the latter.

Lively nightlife

Are you planning to stay up all night? No problem. French Riviera is a place you need to go if you want to experience the most unforgettable nightlife of your life. You can head to St. Tropez west to Menton on the Italian border – the nightlife here is non-stop! You can also head to Cannes which is epicenter of night life with clubs that cater to a wide spectrum of revelers.

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