How to Enjoy Your Trip in Toronto

While Toronto may do not have the notable appeal of Montreal or the outdoorsyness of Vancouver, it’s as yet a fantastic city to visit with huge loads of business sectors, scrumptious food, magnificent galleries, astounding bars and speakeasies, and bunches of things to see and do.

1. Appreciate the Harbourfront Center

This social center is an incredible spot to visit during the warm mid year months. Situated on water in Queens Quay, there are regularly free celebrations and shows held here. Check their site to perceive what’s going on during your visit. There two or three free workmanship displays here with turning shows (Artport and The Power Plant) and in the colder time of year they make an outside skating arena here as well.

2. Bicycle the Don Valley

These path are ideal for any outdoorsy voyagers. They are available from the city and reach out toward Toronto’s northern edges. Trails range from simple to hard (the path starts at the crossing point of lakeshore Blvd and Cherry St.). There are additionally strolling and running path as well.

3. Go hatchet tossing

In case you’re searching for a one of a kind method to go through an evening, this is it. The city has a couple diverse hatchet tossing scenes, like BATL, where you can book a timeslot and afterward contend with your companions in a hatchet tossing rivalry (you need a gathering of 2 at the very least to book a timeslot). Consider it like bowling, however with tossing tomahawks! You don’t have to bring your own hatchet (yet you can) and you can likewise bring your own beverages as well! It’s a pleasant method to put two or three hours.

4. Meander Kensington Market

This bohemian center offers a mixed blend of elective eateries and shops. They regularly have free shows throughout the mid year as well. It’s one of my #1 spots to meander around. Try not to miss Bunner’s Bakeshop on the off chance that you have a sweet tooth!

5. See the Hockey Hall of Fame

Canadians treat two things appropriately: hockey and hockey. Opened in 1943, this exhibition hall is devoted to the historical backdrop of their #1 game. It is both a gallery and a corridor of distinction, loaded with memorabilia, curios, and surprisingly an intelligent game where you can test your slapshot against a virtual goalie. Confirmation is $20 CAD. (Briefly shut because of COVID)

6. Investigate St. Lawrence Market and Gallery

This market has unlimited lines of nearby treats to taste and purchase. Inside the exhibition, you can find out about the advancement of the city by means of recorded reports, film, photography, and curios. Admission to both is free. (Briefly shut because of COVID)

7. Eat Chinese food

Chinatown in Toronto is enormous and still holds a great deal of the credibility that is absent in numerous other Chinatowns all throughout the planet. After the first Chinatown was wrecked during the 1950s to clear a path for government structures, the neighborhood Chinese populace moved to the crossing point of Spadina and Dundas Street West. Unquestionably visit here and eat a couple of suppers — they are flavorful and very modest. For scrumptious eats, don’t miss Mother’s Dumplings, Little Sheep, and Red Room.

What is it like to travel in Cook Island?

The Cook Island offers a wonderful refuge for honeymooners and explorers searching for a great escape. However, that doesn’t mean you need to spend a fortune to go here. Situated in the South Pacific Ocean — arranged between French Polynesia and American Samoa — these 15 groups of little islands are regularly called the Pacific Ocean’s trick of the trade.

So if you plan on spending your honeymoon or vacation in this wonderful country, we have prepared an itinerary that you can follow.

How to Get to Cook Island

If you are from the United States, you can book a flight with Air New Zealand, which has a direct flight to Rarotonga (RAR). From New Zealand, you can easily  hop on flights from Rarotonga to other islands with Air Rarotonga.

Amazing Itinerary

• Overnight trip into Rarotonga with Air New Zealand: This gives you an entire day to explore the island and view some sights. Make it a point to affirm registration time at your lodging.

• Visit the Muri Beachcomber, which offers relaxed access with a shower, in addition to full admittance to the property’s offices until 12pm registration time. You can enjoy the early daytime kayaking around the tidal pond and rest in your room by 11am, just in time for check-in.

• Stay 3-4 nights in Rarotonga. Don’t ignore Rarotonga. We cherished it the same amount of (if not more) than Aitutaki.

• Make a quick trip to Aitutaki with Air Rarotonga. Make sure you get a seat by the window for this 30-minute flight!

• Stay for 3-6 evenings on Aitutaki: To enjoy Aitutaki, you will need at least 3 days to savor its beauty. We suggest changing inns from one side of the island to the next, so you can bamboozle the two universes. 

How is it like to travel to Maui?

Maui’s different attractions and exercises oblige pretty much every interest. While explorers climb the torpid Haleakala well of lava or fly above it on a helicopter visit, more loosened up voyagers can absorb the sun on one of numerous shorelines or test the fairways at one of the island’s 14 greens.

1. Street to Hana

This beautiful drive through Maui’s dazzling coastline bluffs and close by cascades ought to be on everybody’s list of must-dos. The 65-mile course takes genuine time because of limited velocities around deceptive bends and visually impaired corners, so devote an entire day to this experience. As you approach Hana, visit Honokalani Beach to stroll along dark volcanic sand and sprinkle in the waves, at that point fly by Da Fish Shack for great fish tacos.

2.Old Lahina Luau

For a definitive blend of island flavor and diversion, book an evening at Old Lahaina Luau. This festival respects custom through lively music and dance exhibitions, and you’ll likewise observe the divulging of the Kālua pua’a—cooked pork—from its underground stove. Test new jab, marinated chicken and delightful plates of mixed greens at the smorgasbord while appreciating unlimited mixed drinks. This happens close by all encompassing sea sees and that renowned Maui nightfall.

3. Visit through the Stars

On a perfectly clear evening, Maui’s skies light up with a great presentation overhead. To completely see the value in all that is sparkling over this cut of heaven, take a guided galactic visit facilitated at Hyatt Regency Maui Resort and Spa. Go through the late evening stargazing with amazing telescopes while snacking on chocolate strawberries joined by shining wine as the space science chief offers accounts of heavenly route.

4. Maui Ocean Center

Investigate living reefs, see uncommon corals and a turtle tidal pond at the Maui Ocean Center. At that point watch sharks, beams and tremendous fish connect with one another as a component of the great “Untamed Ocean” show, where visitors meander through a glass passage and take in overhead perspectives. The freshest expansion to this vivid marine educational experience is the 3D humpback whale circle that will leave you in amazement.

5. MauiGrown Coffee

Maui brags 500 sections of land espresso farmland and, as you cruise all over West Maui, you’ll notice the biggest creation on the island at Kaanapali Coffee Farms. That is the place where MauiGrown Coffee is collected then brought to the very adorable organization store and bistro close to Lahaina. Trial an assortment of nearby meals and get new beans to bring home with you.

Where to Stay in Petra Jordan

So you’re going to Petra? Well, it’s no surprise that this city is one of the most visited places on earth.  Without seeing it personally, it is hard to imagine what is inside the beautiful castle rock formation. As you may know, the route to Petra, Jordan is quite challenging and staying in a nearby hotel will save you time looking for public transport. In this article, you will learn some of the most affordable hotels near Jordan.

Infinity Lodge

Infinity Lodge is located in Wadi Musa and is only 0.6 kilometres to Petra Visitor Centre. It has three accommodations with private balconies. Staying in this hotel will give you a lot of advantage especially if you have plans on visiting Petra, Jordan.  The rooms are simple but there is a restaurant, room service, shared lounge and a free WiFi to make you comfortable enough.

Petra Boutique Hotel

If you want a bit more upscale, you can stay at Petra Boutique Hotel. It is also nestled in Wadi Musa and is only two minutes from Petra Visitor Centre. It has smaller rooms compared to Infinity Lodge but is cheaper at around $80 to $100 per night.

Petra Moon Hotel

Petra Moon Hotel is probably the nearest hotel to Petra with only 100 metres from its entrance gate.  You’re going to love its spacious rooms with flat screen TVs. Compared to other hotels; Petra Moon Hotel is more modern. There is a roof garden and seasonal outdoor pool for you to enjoy during your extra time. The price ranges from $$80 to $120 per night.

Petra Main Gate Apartment

If you’re coming with a bunch of friends or your family, Petra Main Gate Apartment may be ideal for you. It has cozy rooms, some with three single bens and extra beds to accommodate 3 to 4 persons. If you’re on budget, you can rent one room and divide the total between yourselves.  There is a shared lounge, a terrace, and a 24-hour front desk for your convenience. The Petra Main Gate Apartment is just 300 meters away from the Petra entrance gate. The price ranges from $28 to $80 per night.

You Mini Guide to Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Jackson Hole is considered as a little playground in the Tetons.  It boasts lush greeneries during the summer but it becomes a snow heaven during the winter. Regardless of the season, Jackson Hole is always a beautiful place to visit. Planning to visit Jackson Hole? Get acquainted. Here is a mini-guide that you can use when travelling to Jackson Hole.

Getting to Jackson Hole

The Jackson Hole Airport is open to a lot of flights including Seattle, Los Angeles, Chicago, Dallas, and Atlanta. If you fly around March, you will experience being met by Howdy Pardners in the baggage claim area who are normally dressed like cowboys and cowgirls. What is even more amazing is that the airport itself is already a tourist attraction being built by timber and stone structures. From the Jackson Hole airport you can rent a car or ride a taxi to go to your destination. If you booked a hotel, you can arrange for transportation to take you to your accommodation.

Winter Adventures

Jackson Hole offers a lot of activities you can enjoy even if you are coming during the winter. The best activity that Jackson Hole can offer during winter is skiing. Thanks to the abundance of snow during the winter, they can create beautiful terrains for avid skiers to enjoy. Non-skiers can also enjoy great activities such as joining a national park and wildlife tour. This will give you a chance to see some of the popular animals in Jackson Hole like the elk, moose, bald eagles and more. You can also enjoy a sleigh ride or snowmobile ride.  Riding on a snowmobile can take you to the most wonderful places in Jackson Hole like a tour to the Yellowstone National Park or visit landmarks like Old Faithful or the Granite Hot Springs.

Summer Adventures

Have you booked a flight to Jackson Hole for the summer? No problem. Jackson Hole is a great summer destination especially for families who are bringing their kids along.  The Grand Teton Park, for example is something you would want to go to if you want to experience the popular white water rafting. Or you can head to Grand Teton National Park Wildlife to spot some wild animals. The parks also offer hiking trails that are safe for the family. If you are the type of an adventurous family, you can go for a hike while enjoying nature’s view.

Jackson Hole is definitely one of the most beautiful countries in the United States. It is a small town but an incredible sight to see. Enjoy your vacation and make the most of your experience using this guide.

Why Puerto Rico Should Be Your Next Travel Destination

Puerto tends to fly off the radar. In fact, people don’t even realize it is U.S. territory.  So if you are looking for an easy-breezy destination in the Caribbean, this country definitely deserves a sport on your bucket list. Here are some of the essential reasons why Puerto Rico should be your next destination.

 The island is a paradise.

Nothing beats the Puerto Rican vibe – dreamy beaches, palm trees, and sea breeze. The place will just make you forget about time. It relaxes your mind, body, and soul as you admire the different tourist attractions. Puerto Rico is a great destination especially if you just want to relax and enjoy a wholesome vacation near the beach.

You don’t need a passport to travel to Puerto Rico.

One of the advantages if you’re an American is that you don’t need a passport to visit this wonderful haven. Since it is a part of the United States, all you need is a lightweight travelling bag with all your stuff to enjoy a great summer vacation.

You don’t need to change your money.

Not having to find an establishment to change your money is one hassle less.  The main currency in Puerto Rico is dollars so you can buy anything out of your money. Most of all, some cellular carriers do not charge roaming so you don’t have to worry about buying a new sim card when you reach here.

People in Puerto Rico can speak English fluently.

Although Spanish is the primary language of Puerto Rico, almost everyone in the country can speak English. This means you don’t have to worry about language barriers. Nevertheless, you can learn some Spanish language to show some courtesy. The locals would love to hear tourists making an effort to try speaking their native dialect.

The Puerto Rican cuisines are absolutely delicious.

The dishes in Puerto Rico are mainly a mix of Spanish, Caribbean, Asian, and African. So don’t be surprised if you see sea foods and grilled chicken on the menu. The creamy garlic shrimp stuffed with avocado is a must-try!

We traveled with our business co-founders (Chandler Painting Pros) to celebrate 10 years in business. We ate too much. We drank too much. We stayed in the sun too much. But, it was so much fun. We highly recommend it and plan to go again soon.

It is safe in Puerto Rico.

Contrary to popular belief, Puerto Rico is safe for tourists. There are some streets which have been known for being crime-prone but as long as you stick with the local guides, then you are good. Also, tourism is the number one growth driver of Puerto Rico’s economy. You can expect a lot of amazing things in this country.

Top Reasons to Visit French Riviera

Come on, do we really need to tell you why you should visit French Riviera? A lot of people come here year after year to witness and experience tons of memorable activities. But if you are one of those people who need a reason before booking – you probably have a lot of places to visit on your bucket list – then here are some reasons why you should visit French Riviera?

Refreshing beaches

The beaches in French Riviera have so much sex appeals that you will end up falling in love with them the longer you stay. Talk about the Tahiti Beach in St. Tropez or Plage de la Salis in Cap d’Antibes. You can enjoy a great beach escapade with your family or friends here at French Riviera.

Rich history

Even if you are not a history lover, French Riviera will make you fall in love with its rich history and culture. You can visit some popular neighborhoods in the country and talk to some locals. Learn about the century old buildings and story behind them. In fact, French Riviera has been home to Greeks, Romans, Vandals, Goths and Lombards. There remnants and footprints are visible in this country through architecture, influences, and language.

Great hotels and amazing hotel accommodation

In every tour or travel, hotel accommodation is always something we all need to give importance to. Thanks to the amazing array of hotels in French Riviera, you can freely choose the type of accommodation you want. A favorite hotel for most travelers is Hotel Negresco in Nice. Another famous hotel is Belle Reve which is located in Juan-les-Pins.

Great dining

French Riviera is home to popular restaurants which have gained world-wide recognitions. You can go to Ducasse’s Le Louis XV in Monte Carlo which offers mouth watering cuisines. Their menu is almost as delicious as Chateau de la Chevre d’Or’s in Eze but is cheaper compared to the latter.

Lively nightlife

Are you planning to stay up all night? No problem. French Riviera is a place you need to go if you want to experience the most unforgettable nightlife of your life. You can head to St. Tropez west to Menton on the Italian border – the nightlife here is non-stop! You can also head to Cannes which is epicenter of night life with clubs that cater to a wide spectrum of revelers.

San Jose Vacation: Top Reasons to Visit California’s Tech Capital

The vibrant city of San Jose and its surrounding neighborhoods is known for its deliciously divergent cuisines, incredible nightlife, world-class shopping, year-round warmth sunshine, and enriching cultural scene. Located in the heart of high-tech Silicon Valley, San Jose is California’s 3rd largest city and 10th largest in the United States. Whether you’re looking for a culinary destination with a unique global scene, want to experience some tech tourism, or explore different outdoor activities, San Jose has got you covered. Here’s why you should consider San Jose for your next trip or family vacation. 

San Jose features Deliciously Divergent Cuisines

Food is one of the city’s greatest assets. San Jose features a myriad of food options, thanks to its diverse population. From gourmet founde restaurants to great Mexican eateries and authentic Vietnamese delicacies, you’ll find some of the best food in America in this city. You won’t have enough time to sample all the delicacies and food options the Bay has to offer. 

Thrilling Theme Parks 

If you’re bringing your family for vacation, the amusement parks in San Jose won’t disappoint when it comes to entertaining your kids. Make sure you spare enough time for your family at the Happy Hollow Zoo and California’s Great America. With arcade games, thrilling rides, and endless recreational opportunities, there’s no better way to spent time with your family in the Bay than by riding the roller coasters and exploring the attractions at Great America. 

Incredible Hiking Opportunities

One of the things you’ll love about San Jose residents is their active lifestyle. The community here is keen on physical activities such as swimming, running, and biking. Why not become part of what everyone in the city is doing? San Jose has tons of hiking trails across the city and you won’t regret spending time running, biking, or just walking on these trails. The hiking trails in the city suit the physical needs of all hikers. 

Tech Startups

Tech tourism has since become an industry of its own in San Jose and the other towns in Silicon Valley. It will take you about 15 minutes to get to Silicon Valley from San Jose, without traffic. Get inspired by some of the great minds at Adobe, PayPal, Cisco, and eBay. It’s not just about peeking inside some of the buildings and tech startups in the Silicon Valley but meeting and interacting with some of the minds that are behind the running of these world-famous companies. 

Wine Tours

San Jose is home to dozens of beautiful wineries. In fact, there’s no better place to base yourself if you’re looking to experience the amazing wine tours of the Napa Valley. You can have one of the local travel companies pick you up from you are in San Jose, take you on a tour to the finest wineries around and have you back to your hotel for dinner. Make sure you spare an entire day for wine tasting. 

Enjoy Premium Shopping Experience

Visitors who love high fashion, art, and jewelry will enjoy the upscale shopping experience in neighborhoods like Santana Row and Malls like Valley Fair. Santana Row is considered the granddaddy of all shopping in San Jose. The massive shopping facility caters for those looking for both national big-name stores and the affordable one-of-a-kind artisanal shops. Those looking for bargain souvenirs will enjoy shopping at the huge Berryessa Market.